Netcli-cli, uploading with anonymity / tor network

I wish to upload my website anonymously, without people tracking my IP or whatnot.
Can I route the traffic created by the netlify app through Tor ?
Or if there’s any other way, I’m open.
In any case, I need to go into a repressive country, making me for better or worse, a political activist. And I don’t intend to visit any prison cell anytime soon.

Thanks for your help

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The site you upload on Netlify doesn’t leak your IP anywhere - only Netlify records it. We don’t release that data to public, only when an official law enforcement organization (verified by supporting evidence) asks us to.

Disabling that is however not possible.

Sorry it’s not what I meant.
I’m not afraid by your servers, what I want to hide is the traffic from my computer (with its local IP in say, Iran for instance) to your servers when I use the netlify command line application, to upload the website.
When I do sudo netlify deploy --prod;.

Yes, you’re free to use any network adapter that modifies the requests to mask your IP. We will be storing the final IP that connects to us. So in case of tor, the final endpoint the ends up connecting to Netlify will be what we see.

netlify deploy --prod doesn’t need sudo by the way.