Netlify CLI issues -- can I access terminal from netlify website?

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First time poster. Hopefully, this belongs in the right spot.

In short, i’m having a hard time setting node + netlify locally, and am able to make commits and deploys with Gitlab, but need terminal access to start a proxy server for a CORS error (updating simple email opt in form on my website). At one point, there was terminal access from the deploy list, but no longer see that?
(Netlify App***)


TLDR - can I access terminal for my site within the netlify website?

Hi, @bob1235 :wave:t6:

No you cannot access terminal for your site. You can resolve this issue using rewrites. Here is some documentation on this: Redirects and rewrites | Netlify Docs

Thanks for getting back to me. Ended up resolving issues with my local environment. Cheers

awesome! glad to hear it!