Hide Netlify.App Deploy Address in Site Data?

Hi there,

I created a video game and deployed it using Netlify, which gave me a randomized site address ending in netlify.app. Then, I embed that address on my game’s website, behind a paywall. However, I realized that you can see that exact netlify.app address if you click on site data in the browser.

Someone could purchase access to the game, but then share the link publicly so that anyone else can click on it and play it for free. I’m not even concerned with the fact that I’d be losing potential sales, but the game consumes enough bandwidth that it’s possible to lose money (if I have to pay for going over 100GB)

I’ve very uneducated with Netlify, but is there any way to hide/mask the deploy site name so that it doesn’t show the entire thing in the browser’s site data? I hope the question makes sense and I used the correct terminology. Happy to clarify anything that needs clarifying. Thanks in advance!


Netlify has no such feature and nor does the wider internet.

A full URL will always be required to access content, where/what that URL is doesn’t matter.

Even if hidden in your source code via obfuscation, when the requests are made from the “client side” their resolved URLs would be visible in the network tab.

You would need to engineer your own solution to the problem, such that having access to the URL alone does not provide access.

Thanks! I’ll do some more research on other options. Appreciate the quick response