Very strange issue. Netlify says everything is validated, yet the visited website fails with SSL
here are the images that everything is good.

@hillary any help? :slight_smile:

Hi @combased-dev is using DigitalOcean DNS, but you have in Netlify DNS. This won’t work. Remove from Netlify DNS.

@coelmay hello, what do you mean by removing? I need to make the to work with deployed app on netlify, what should I do then?

You need to configure as a custom domain on (as it seems you have) using the following documentation

You do not add it to Netlify DNS.

Yes I did, but how can I remove Netlify DNS? Where should I go? And thanks for helping, if needed i can pay for your work :slight_smile:

Is it pressing this one:

Delete DNS zone

This action is irreversible. Make sure to configure your domain with another DNS provider before deleting this zone.

Yes, that is what you need to do.

I did it, the badge was removed, but the issue still exists. How much should I wait and can I speed up the thing?

One DNS changes propagate Netlify will automatically generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate. At the bottom of the Custom Domains page, you can see if a certificate is issued or not.

I only see this one:

I did not put our own certificate, since don’t know how to get private key from digital ocean

Have you tried pressing the “Retry DNS verification” button?

Where is retry DNS verification? I only see verify DNS verification. And yes I pressed it, getting verified message again

I saw it, pressed nothing changed

DNS verification was successful

Is everything indeed configured correct? That is the most important to know, as I can wait.

Yes, it appears everything is correctly configured

% dig		41632	IN	CNAME 20 IN A 20 IN A

Yes, you are just going to have to wait.