7 days since I tried move my website from Wix


I’m very dissapointed with the support from the Netlify team here. Here’s my original post and I haven’t had any support in 4 days.

To sum it up, I tried to move my domain from Wix to Netlify on the 29th of January. I used the external DNS method to make this transfer. I added the A and CNAME records to point everything to Netlify. Here’s the screenshot.

I set my primary domain to http://nblassetmanagement.com

My Netlify site is https://nblassetmanagement.netlify.app

I still have this error -“NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID , Your connection is not private” when I try to access the site. I followed the instructions from the one support response I received over five days ago. It looks like the name servers are still pointing to Wix?

Can anyone please reply?