Need to verify what to modify to add my domain

I added a custom domain, and got this message as far as what to add, is this all I need to add, then just wait 24 hours, or do I need to modify anything else? I saw something about A records, not too familiar with what that is.

You need to switch from your current DNS to these four DNS servers. Once that change propagates, your A records will be handled automatically by Netlify.

This will get your website running, but you will still have to make DNS entries for any other services attached to your website, such as e-mail servers, other custom subdomains, etc.

Thanks, out of curiosity, how would I do that for subdomains?

In the Netlify dashboard for that site, go to Domain Settings, and then click on the button at the bottom of the Domains -> Custom Domains section.

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Great. Thank you for your help