Need to edit DNS to move custom domain from one Netlify site to another

Hi, friends.

I have multiple sites in the same Netlify account. I have a custom domain pointing to one of those sites and want to change it to point to another one. When I view the domains page and try to edit the DNS, the only option is to delete or add. How can I edit the A records (called Netlify) to point to the new site?

I’ve been managing DNS for two decades and there’s always an edit option available so I don’t understand whey Netlify doesn’t have this. Technically I could delete an A record and add a replacement but I have two concerns with this. First, the TTL value vs my ability to manually move through the process. Second, the A records are called “Netflify” records so I’m apprehensive about assuming that this equates to an A record or if there are other variables associated with that.

Please let me know how I can safely edit those records for a seamless transition.

Thanks much in advance.

Hi, @markwyner. I (just now) updated our support guide about NETLIFY type DNS records to include the exact instructions for this here:

​Please let us know if there are any questions about those instructions.

(I had the instructions in a comment on that same topic but I think putting them in the support guide itself is more helpful.)

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Thanks for your time and recommendation, Luke. However, it didn’t really help me because taking a site down while making DNS changes isn’t a viable solution. But it did help me understand how Netlify’s DNS system works.

With a fresh mind today I realized that I could change the repository associated with the site that my domain is linked to. So I simply swapped each site to point to the other’s respective repository.

It should be a lot easier for us to created a setting in Netlify that says “point this domain to this site,” and then at another time be able to change that setting by saying “point this domain to this new site instead.”

But at least I was able to create a solution that worked with no downtime.