Need help getting my website up and running

Lateralus 21- username

Hi- I purchased a domain name from netlify. I’m not sure what the steps are in getting the website up and running? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks


Hey @Lateralus21,
Great! It looks like you have an account, a domain, and you’ve linked your GitHub repo. Now, you need to push your website files up to your repo, and Netlify will build it (if there’s anything to build) and deploy it. It looks like you’d be able to see something if rename this file from “l” to “index.html” (Netlify looks for an index.html file in the “publish” directory, so that’s the bare minimum to get a website up on our service.)

Want to give that a shot and let us know if you have questions after that?

Hi Jen.

That worked! haha. thank you. Do you know how i can add more context/wording to the website? can i add pictures? does this all have to do with deploying things from the repo? I wish i was better at navigating that stuff. this is all very new but exciting and interesting to learn. I kind of just play around and see what works and what doesn’t since i don’t have technical knowledge of how to make things work. I will play around more with this over the weekend. If you have any other insights for me please feel free to share!



Yes, you can definitely add pictures, context, and all kinds of stuff! Any website you navigate to in your browser is made up of files like the one you pushed to your repo. Mozilla has a bunch of fantastic resources for learning about the web. Here’s one that may be useful for you to learn HTML (this should cover how to add pictures and text):

You can also learn how to style your site with CSS:

Netlify’s role in this is hosting your files “in the cloud” and making them available on the web at your Netlify URL. But what you put on the site is totally up to you.

Glitch is also a cool resource that may be interesting for you:

You can look at other people’s code and “remix” it for yourself.

thanks Jen. Netlify is definitely a little advanced for me, but I guess when I mess around I am learning more. My friend told me that in the future a site like wix might be more conducive for you if you are struggling too much with the coding aspect of things. I think that is probably my biggest struggle is not having any kind of coding experience. So there is definitely a way to make the pictures that I loaded onto my repository appear on my website once I figure out how to properly code them from within the repository is what I am gathering from your response. It is a .jpg file. When you had me rename that file it appeared. So what im gathering is i need to find that page where it has the body and everything my site is comprised of and insert that picture in its proper coded HTML language… let’s say the body? put that in the body… and the picture will appear. Is that right? Sorry if these questions are elementary. Maybe I’m being a pest. Happy memorial day nonetheless. Ciao.

Hey Lateralus21! I’m super excited to hear that you are getting started on learning HTML and figuring out how to make some simple sites. I started this journey two decades ago now and it is still a thrill to be able to code a simple site and put it online for the world to see.

I think if i were you, i’d seek out some tutorials and resources on learning how to correctly create and code html pages with some images and maybe some css, and when that is feeling more comfortable, come on back and we’ll help you with any deployment concerns.

Here are some beginner resources: of course! Hosted on Netlify. has great tutorials

I love the net ninja tutorials - very nice and easy to follow: