Make changes to template

Hi There,
I am very new to netlify.
I’m trying to follow this videos
Egghead Lesson at 1.23mins it goes from the live website to a screen of code… where do i find this code?
I’m imagining this is where i need to change colour, images, text etc for my deployed site?
Site name is
I have used wordpress(dot)org and squarespace before but this seems more complex to use and I’m not I have the skills to learn it… I really only know very basic html.

That’s the code you’d have to write (or edit if you’re using a ready-made template).

Comparing Netlify to Wordpress an Squarespace is not possible. Netlify is strictly a hosting platform. However, you need not necessarily deploy the website using GitHub. You can always write your website manually in simple HTML and drag and drop it to deploy.

However, I think you need more videos on web development than deploying to Netlify because I believe Netlify makes the process pretty easy. So, you can learn it any day after you create your website. But if you don’t have a website or can’t make one, learning how to deploy on Netlify won’t make sense.

@ecoacous That code should be on your local computer. Under normal circumstances, this is code that you have uploaded to GitHub / Gitlab / etc. for integration with the Netlify build process. As shown in the video, you make changes to the code on your local computer, commit the changes to GitHub (etc.), and then by virtue of the automatic linkage previously set up between GitHub and Netlify, Netlify will take those changes and rebuild your site.