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Introduction into Netlify

Hi I am really confused about how to work this software such as how can I add in Google code in or Adsense code or something else?

Do I need to install 1 to 3 different software to make it work as seemed to be the case when I watched some of the videos meant to help people?

I have designed sites in most styles before for example Wordpress,Drupal,Script,Magento, full code, among many more for me nothing is more confusing than this platform to date.

Netlify is a completely different platform from what you say you’ve already used. Here, we use tools (often called Static Site Generators or SSGs) to build a static HTML version of the website which is decoupled from backend systems like databased.

About your original question, it depends how you build the website. If you’ve written the code for your website yourself, it’s fairly easy to drop in any of those scripts that you mention. You don’t need any extra software to make websites, you might as well type the code in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (macOS).

Thanks well if that’s the case then how do I actually do something or how do I get into like your command part of the way I can, for example, put in say H2 tag or so?

Hi @polecatsforever,

I’m confused. Why do you need any command to add <h2> to your website?

Simply write your website → go to your account’s home page → Sites section → Drag and drop the folder that contains your website’s files and the website is online.

I am bit confused as well okay so I am here now then in theory

So I just drop my files or whatever onto my website here then it gets updated I guess?

Hi @polecatsforever,

I checked that website and you seem to be deploying from this repo: https://github.com/polecatsforever/one-click-hugo-cms. It’s a website that uses Hugo to build: https://gohugo.io

Once you connect to GitHub, you won’t be able to use drag-n-drop based deploys.

Now any changes that you wish to make, you’d have to make it in your templates. On how to do that, you’d have to refer to Hugo’s documentation: Hugo Documentation | Hugo

Thanks will give a read over now.