NameCheap domain not working

I configured my Netlify site to my NameCheap domain just fine, with the correct nameservers, and when I check the custom domains section in Netlify they’re in green, so supposedly I did it correctly. However when I try visiting the site through my custom domain I get a “connection timed out” error whereas the Netlify link works just fine. I’ve heard that this can take up to 24 hours to complete so is there more waiting to be done or am I doing something wrong?

Netlify: cocky-tereshkova-955d29

Weird, it’s just the opposite for me. Your cocky-tereshkova-955d29 instance doesn’t load, but your custom domain loads right away.

However, it appears that you have the apex domain as the primary, instead of the www. As I understand it, Netlify’s CDN works better when you set the FQDN www as the primary.

hey leon,

this is what i am seeing:

looks like the problem resolved itself?