Namecheap Domain Not Working Correctly

Hello! I linked a custom domain ( to one of my netlify websites (, waited about 24hrs but I keep getting an error when I try to enter the new domain through the site overview in netlify:

and if I just type the url in the browser, it just says “This domain is registered at Namecheap”, with some location-based advertisement.

I bought the domain in Namecheap and changed all the name servers. This is my first time setting everything up in netlify, so maybe there’s something I’m missing. Thank you!

Hey @Antony_Figueira

It is working for me.

Have you tried different browsers/devices/networks?

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Hey! Seems like the issue is related to my wifi… I tried with my phone and it didn’t work until I logged off the wifi. Any particular reason why you think this might be happening? Thank you

Possibly WiFi has cached DNS information.