My site is suddenly disabled after around a month

Netlify support, I want help with understanding why my site is suddenly disabled?
site id: curious-cactus-e5ff4d

Please help, as the bot said, I don’t feel I am doing something against netlify’s terms.

@IamAfnanSk What was the site about?

Did it reference another company like Netflix, or Linkedin etc?

It’s a common reason for having your site/account suspended as per:

“Clone sites” tend to get taken down.

@IamAfnanSk The site was disabled due to reports of phishing activities.

Hey folks, thanks for reply, but neither did we used LinkedIn or something nor we did any kind of phishing. I would love to know more. This site was our own company’s. Why would we do any kind of phishing with our business website. This was the landing page static site :skull:. How can static site do phishing.

Please understand this is a very bad experience with netlify, the company site got suspended without notice or not even a notification. This is not something expected from a service like netlify:(

We’ve asked the fraud team to review this again. You should hear back from them soon.