My React app doesn't make api calls on mobile

I have created an app using @reduxjs/toolkit and redux-persist libraries. You can check my github repo here => GitHub - ahmettulutas/MemeGeneratorV2: New Version of my MemeGenerator project. Going to work on CSS because it obviously needs some more styling.. I deployed it on netlify. Everything seemed to work fine on my computer but when I tried to use this netlify website it doesn’t fetches the api so the content is always in the loading state. Can’t figure out what happens here. Any ideas?

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This has nothing to do with desktop vs mobile I don’t believe as it doesn’t work on Firefox desktop for me.

This is what I see in the browser even after waiting a few minutes

And this is what is in the console

I really appreciate your interest. What seems to be the problem here? Do I need to provide favicon or a logo? I removed that lottie-player animations and pushed the website again. Happened to have the same problem

Can you tell what build command you are using?
Is it

npm run build


CI= npm run build

and are there any warnings/error in the Netlify deploy log?

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I am using CI = npm run build. And no there is no warning. Just react-hooks has a missing dependency error. I don’t think it might be the problem,though.

Remember that CI= npm run build will build regardless of any warnings.

No, I don’t believe this missing dependency has any bearing on things.

Running your code locally does not work for me.

and I have inspected my mobile website by connecting it to my computer. on devtools this error logs to the console => GET 404

I got it worked locally. and It works as it is expected on different computer browsers.

This file does not exist regardless of device, browser, or network that is trying to access it

I really appreciate your interest. I have added manifes.json file too. However, the problem isn’t solved. I also checked my previous deploys and none of them has manifest.json, they still work perfectly.

I solved out my problem. Apparently my redux-persist prevents api dispatch from triggering since I misdesigned conditional in useEffect it has nothing to do with netlify or mobile devices. My poor attention and misinterpreting of redux-persist. Sorry to take your time. I really appreciate your efforts. Stay healthy and have a good day !