Redux-Persist rehydrates on main page but fails on different routes

I’m trying to implement redux-persist with reduxjs/toolkit. I made it possible to persist the store on main page. However, when I route to MemeForm.jsx different paths in my app where I make another api call to fetch data from the server (which changes the redux-store since this api call adds another slice to the store) and refresh the page it gets crashed. It works perfectly in my local computer, though. I guess I couldn’t implement redux-persist with reduxjs/toolkit correctly. I can’t figure out this problem for a week. A little bit of help would be perfect.

Here is my github repo and here is the netlify version of the app.

Hey @ahmetulutas,

Could you tell us how to reproduce this error? I tried to select a meme, add some text, went back to main page, chose another meme and so on. But it all appears to work fine for me.