My dns are not resolving properly

I have configured a DNS rule as followed for my website A

I have checked my DNS at Report for and it seems the A record exists but when I try to reach from my browser I see the following page. Any clue ?

Hey @emilien is resolving fine for me:

Bear in mind, propagation of DNS changes is not instantaneous—things take a little time, even up to 48 hours.

Give it a little time. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to reply.

We have had this website live for 1 year without any trouble there I don’t know if there has been any incidents on your IP or at my DNS provider.

You are best to check with the registrar/provider as to any possible service outages.

As for outages with Netlify, I only know what is available via (of which there is a known recent incident.)

As I am able to access the site without issue, it is possible the issue is isolated your device/network.

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Thanks for sharing this, @coelmay! @emilien, I can also access your site by following the links you shared above. Are you still encountering obstacles?

I’ve tried to register my domain with Netlify and use your DNS to register it by following instructions. I waited 24 hours and got the following error message. “ DNS verification failed. ‘Frantic frog.XYZ doesn’t appear to be served by Netify.“‘. My domain name is frantic frog.XYZ. I have close screenshots of the air messages.

My domain name is I’m having problems setting up my DNS with Netify. I waited 24 hours, but it failed. I had enclosed a screenshot other saying that I’m waiting for a DNS propagation.

Hey @nordicnyc is neither configured to use Netlify DNS, nor is it configured in external DNS to point to Netlify.

I suggest first reading the following support guide to decide if Netlify DNS is suitable for your needs.

Then configure appropriately using one of the following documentation links

If you have further questions/issues, check out [Support Guide] Compiled resources for production domains on Netlify and DNS settings -- start here! or reply here.