Minification and image compression not running on deploy

I have these settings applied to

That URL serves HTML which requests favicon.svg, search.js, and styles.css. Based on my settings, after the deploy I expected the CSS and JS to be minified, and the image to be compressed - but they are all exactly the same as the files I uploaded!

Is there something I might have misconfigured here? This is the behavior I’m observing even after having successfully done a deploy since I set those settings, and verified that the content I changed in that deploy is now visible at that URL.

hmm, interesting. Quick question: how big are these files before optimization?

In this case the js file is 1.5kb, CSS is 8.7kb, favicon is 335b.

(It’s not like the minification is going to make a huge difference on these assets in particular, but I want to make sure it’s working so I don’t have to worry about it for the future!)

thanks for that! i think that the issue here might be that the files are too small to be optimized - i do not recall off the top of my head where we set the limit, but i do think each of these files may be too small.

one way you could test this theory and ensure your settings are correct is to add some bigger files (maybe some images, jquery, and a css framework?) and see if those get optimized. Let us know what you find!