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Css not minified despite having new URL

Any advice on how to troubleshoot optimization issues (e.g. css not being minified) when you do see the proper URL that indicates the file has been processed?

hmm, that’s a good question. I’m going to move this to a new thread and we can see about investigating.

can you share a screenshot of your asset optimization settings, please?


So I realized that I already had a netlify.toml file that had instructions that conflicted with what I put in the Netlify UI panel. I thought this would fix my problem, and it did minify my css, but my js is still not being minified.

Also, my images still flag quite a few issues when I run a lighthouse audit in chrome dev tools. Maybe that is a separate issue, but my goal was to see a noticeable improvement in the audit when I used Netlify’s asset optimization. It’s hard to tell if the images are actually being compressed.

Hi, @earlAchromatic. It is possible that the images are not being further compressed because they cannot be. The only way to know would be to compare the image on the deployed site to the image in a local build.

Regarding the CSS file, we have seen some valid CSS conventions used which cause our CSS minify-er to fail. Would you be willing to send us a link to the site and the CSS and/or image files which are not minified or compressed? If so, we would be happy to research this further.

Just to clary, for our support team to troubleshoot this, please help us by sending the following information:

  • some way to find the site (URL, subdomain, API ID - anything which uniquely identifies it)
  • a link to the asset not minified or compressed