CSS and JS are not (minify) compressed

My settings are as follows.


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Please don’t use the 403 error for the image in the web page.

After the site was successfully built and published (without any error reporting), the CSS and JS within the site were not compressed.

I’m not sure if all the files were not compressed, but at least the ones I checked were not different from the original look.

Most of the CSS and JS in a web page that is not compressed is stored locally and is not brought in externally.

hi there emptydreams,

can you tell us how big the files were before they should have been compressed?

The size of the source file is 8.57KB, the size is 3KB if you use netfly’s compression function only, the size of my local compression is 2.5KB.

From the file size, it seems to be smaller, but why is there no change from the file content?

The file referred to above is: https://61efe9c946503400080f9d9c--emptydreams.netlify.app/live2d-widget/waifu-tips.js

The mentioned JS file is automatically loaded after the page loads, using the following code:


It doesn’t exist in the HTML markup during the deploy and this, it won’t be compressed.

So netfly can only help me compress CSS and JS that are nested in HTML?

Yes, Netlify parses your HTML in the post processing stage and it only uses the files in there.