Migrating from Siteground - Wordpress to Jekyll - Netlify

Hi, I have a website currently hosted in Siteground and using Wordpress as the building platform. The domain and corporate mail is also registered under Siteground.

I would like to make the switch to Jekyll and Netlify, but keeping the Siteground domain and email. That’s why I built this one on Jekyll https://metaustralia.netlify.app.

What I did first was to change the Siteground domain servers to the ones provided by Netlify when I added the custom domain. There wasn’t any error when I did that, and it seemed that Netlify accepted the domain.

However, after an hour when I clicked in the custom domain, the old website (in Wordpress) still appearing online.

Does anyone know what should I do to make my new site appear under the Siteground domain, but hosted in Netlify?

Thanks so much!

Hey @Valeria

When I visit metaustralia.com.au the site is served by Netlify.

Note: DNS propagation isn’t instantaneous, taking anything up to a couple of days though usually much quicker.

Did you also migrate the email records to Netlify DNS as well (I don’t see any)?

Thanks @coelmay for your quick answer and advice!

The problem is that the old website is still appearing (see picture) and not the one I recently built that is shown here

Old website - Wordpress

Will it just take time or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

This is what I see



It is possible the old version is cached locally.