Lost account, lost developers, how to recover and possibly get new developers

Hi Team,

We are a Managed Service Partner and a customer of ours had a web design group based in Ukraine. They have lost contact and don’t know any credentials to attempt to gain access and possibly resume services. the DNS records point back to allegro-prod.netlify.com.

This was the only way i could get support, i tried to email salesenquiries@ but the email bounced.

Please let me know if there is some way to contact support as i’m sure sensitive info will need to be exchanged.

Thank you in advanced.

Hey @Navman,

The email used for that site is:


where * represents a redacted character. Does that help?

Hi @Hrishikesh ,

unfortunately not. The email domain, i can see is the developers, however as mentioned they are no longer available. How can we change the credentials to gain access?

You can’t. If you still have your source code, you can deploy the site to a new account and we can verify and remove the domain from the old site.

We don’t have the source code. we have nothing.

@Navman I sent you a private message regarding this over the weekend, I’m happy to try and provide you some guidance privately if you think it’d help.

That’s extremely unfortunate.

There’s still some avenues for recovery but they’re limited to “taking a copy of what is there” (which is minified output and makes changes difficult) or “rebuilding to mimic”.

The public portion of the site doesn’t appear particularly large or complex, but I cannot tell what functionality is behind the login @ https://allegro-prod.netlify.app/app/auth/login.

Hi @natanmartin, i have received your PM, however i am only charged with attempting to recover the credentials. Any further action will be performed by the customer. I will pass on your details, however, if the recovery is not likely, i dare say the customer will not go for this framework again as redundancy will need to be in place.

@Navman That’s no problem at all, I was only offering to help you perform the recovery on behalf of your client, (especially if you’re technical), but if they want to reach out they can.

I wouldn’t say that the problem this client has encountered is related to the “framwork” they’ve used, either in regards to the specific codebase (Gatsby), methodology (Jamstack) or hosting platform (Netlify).

It’s possible for a developer to go MIA without exchanging access/code with any system.

Hi Nathan,

Where are you based?

What would the estimate of costs be for recovering the site.

I know they had a back end hosted somewhere else where they did an ordering system.

The other service was on an amazon server that seems to not exist anymore.

Possibly located in Ukraine also.

Any info you can send would be great and I will pass it to the customer.



@Navman I’ll respond shortly via private message.