I lost my account information

Hi, for some reason I lost the account information / can not figure out which e-mail i used for one particular website I’m hosting at Netlify. What can i do? Can you help me?

Thank you,

Which website are you asking about?

I don’t feel very comfortable to link it here. But it’s this one here

@hrishikesh, may you help ? I feel like I used an e-mail there where I have no access to anymore

Hi @lenakoe,

The email address associated with that is:


where * represents a redacted character.

Hi @hrishikesh . Thank you & Oh no. Yes. That’s the one, I can not access anymore. Is there anything we can do about that?

Hey there, @lenakoe

I have opened up a helpdesk ticket so that you can communicate privately with Support about this. Stay tuned to your email account associated with your Forums account for next steps.

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