Lost account info, Another site is using same domain

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I have a custom domain on google domains acadspace.org, this domain currently points to acadspace-app.netlify.app..

My problem is, I have lost my account information (the one with acadspace-app.netlify.app.), so I have created another Netlify account(the one I am using right now to write this post) and I have built a new site with the domain b2bmvp.netlify.app..

Of course, when I try to add my custom domain acadspace.org to b2bmvp.netlify.app, I get “Another site is using this domain”.

I have found this post Support Guide as a solution, but I was wondering if an email can be sent to the owner of this -acadspace-app.netlify.app- web site so I can maybe find my account information (the owner is me but I do not know which email address I used to create the account! ).

If this fails then I will try the solution which is offered by the support guide above.

Can you please help me?
Thank you

Hi @zapdal ,

We can’t send you an email, but I think the simple solution would be to reset your password on the other account and Netlify will send you a reset link to whatever email you signed up with.

On the other hand you can simply verify you own the domain by setting a TXT record. Once this is done I can migrate the domain from your other account to your new account.

I hope that helps.


I did the TXT verification

Hi, @zapdal. We’ve made the required change and the domain should be able to be added to your site/account now. If you still see any errors, though, please reply here to let us know.

Hi All, I have the same Issue and I just added the verification record to my DNS:

Can you help me?

The domain has been removed from the other account.