Custom domain with a new account

Hey there

I have a site on an account with a custom domain ( but I want to use this domain on a new account. I removed the custom domain from the old account but when attempting to use the domain again in the new account the following error appears:

I double checked to make sure the custom domain was removed from the old account (it is) so I’m not sure whether it’s a waiting game or if I did something wrong on my end. I could add it back to my old account but that would defeat the purpose of this post.

I noticed the support guide thread on proving ownership of a domain so I’ll add a TXT file to the DNS using this post’s url as a value. I’ll update/add to this thread when I’ve added the TXT file.

If there is anything else I can do to help fix this issue, let me know.


(08/21/20 Update: I reset the domain on my old account for now)

Here’s the TXT file I added to the DNS:

Just checking in to keep this topic relevant since I am still encountering this error. Let me know if I can do anything to fix the issue

Sorry but I’m going to have to put this domain back up on my old account. The site has been down too long and we need it back up again. Let me know when we can move forward here so I can remove the domain ( on my old account. Just FYI, the TXT record is still there to verify ownership with a link to this post.

Hi @jberry93! Welcome to netlify community.

I can help with this. I see you have verified your domain, thanks for that.

Please let me know the name of the Netlify site where you are trying to add the domain “”. I want to make sure I understand what you mean by “new” account and “old” account.

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Hey @laura

Thanks for the response! The Netlify site I’m trying to add the domain to is:

If you need me to release the domain from my old account, I can do so whenever

Thanks for that!

The issue is that there was a DNS zone set up for under a third Netlify account, one owned by someone named Scott, but with a different email address.

I’ve deleted that DNS zone now (it wasn’t in use).

So now you can should be able to add your domain to flamboyant-noyce-b73107. After you remove it from agitated-heyrovsky-b16102, that is. :slight_smile:

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Okay that’s perfect! Looks like it works now. I appreciate you taking the time to address my issue. Thanks!