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Long cuttoff git branch results in deploy not found

So I have my site setup to deploy branch deploys – the problem is that my weirdly long branch names get cut off by the domain name creator so that repo/calebjasik/a-very-long-git-branch-name-that-should-honestly-be-much-shorter becomes https://calebjasik-a-very-long-git-branch-name-that--repo.netlify.app

It’s not a public site yet, so I can’t provide details :upside_down_face:

Hopefully Netlify is just still broken when it comes to having git branch folders, i.e. repo/foo/bar, which I’m trying as I’m typing this.

Tis true! The issue is upstream of us… like, in the DNS spec :slight_smile:


Huh. Ok - that seems fun.

I guess either I’ll manage the branch name length or change the domain name:


53 + – + 23 = 78 lmao

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