DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error for branch deploy

After publishing a branch deploy, I’m unable to access the root path:



The deploy ID is 65d6ad268875063c4bd424d1 for the siteline-staging-admin project.

Is there anything wrong with this deploy? Thank you

@ldiqual Can you take another try at explaining the issue you’re encountering?

Is it ultimately that the site at siteline-staging-admin.netlify.app is failing to load various resources and showing as blank?

It’s odd that all the resources referenced in the page have full URL’s to a specific Netlify deployment:

So while (for whatever reason) there is no:


There is a:


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We reference assets by full URL of the branch deploy so that the next deploys don’t result in a chunk load error, as per the suggestion in Chunk load error when deployed (Hydrogen, Gatsby, etc.) - #2 by hrishikesh

The issue here is that the actual branch deploy URL (the full efd71cdb0dc1a44896b93c0eb2a6371334fd014b--siteline-staging-admin.netlify.app domain, which is the link on the “open branch deploy” button in the netlify dashboard), is not loading at all. The DNS is not resolving.

However I believe I just found out why: the URL is too long. Alias is not fitting within the 37char requirement. We’re also not validating that the alias starts with a letter. I’ll try to fix this and update this thread.

Yeah, I found I quite simply couldn’t access your URL or any equivalent URL with a sha that long.

However removing just a single character would resolve to Netlify and result in a standard Site Not Found.

Also I highly doubt this is an issue due to how you’re utilizing it for cache busting and the 90 day duration, but don’t forget that deploys do now eventually get automatically deleted when they’re no longer the active one.

By default, Netlify will delete deploys after 90 days. Netlify will not delete the deploy currently published to your site (also called the published deploy), or the most recent successful deploy from a Git branch.

I only mention it because it’s something I initially considered may have been responsible, e.g. A build where paths point to a specific deployment that’s several months old, the user changes the ‘live deployment’ but not the references and the files go mysteriously missing after a period of time.

Shortening the alias and prefixing it with a letter worked!
Thank you for the reminder – I wasn’t aware of the 90 day deletion policy, but that’s totally fine for our usecase. Thanks for the help!