Locked out of my website admin panel and missing from my dashboarrd

I’m posting here because I have a free account but I suspect this is going to be an issue a support engineer is gonna have to look into, as a heads up. I cannot access my admin panel for my website and I do not see my website on my dashboard. I created my portfolio ~5 years ago and I don’t know where the git repo I created the website is either, sorry. The admin panel says “Page Not Found” but the support docs for that error says to review deploys…except I can’t do that because I can’t see the page on my dashboard nor can I review the repo.

I’d submit this as a ticket if I could but the free tier can’t do that, so the page is in limbo. If anyone has suggestions I’ll try them but I strongly suspect that I somehow now have two accounts and I simply don’t know how I originally created the netlify account my portfolio is under. I also already searched my email records, I couldn’t find any emails from Netlify but when I reset my password Netlify did find a account…but I guess not the same one my website is linked to?

Like I said I strongly suspect that a support engineer has to fix this, seems silly to post this issue on the forums but it’s my only choice :person_shrugging:

Website in question is at https://www.piercermcbride.com/

Hi, @McBrideMusings. We will always reply to billing and login case on the support helpdesk. If you choose either topic from the dropdown when opening the ticket, it will remain open and we will be happy to assist.

The explanation is that you included “dots” in the email address you used to sign up for Netlify. Gmail will treat myexample@gmail.com and my.example@gmail.com as a single email address. At Netlify, we treat those as different email addresses. The solution will be to match the email address used for sign-up exactly.

Do you remember the “dotted” version of the email address you used? If not, please let us know and we’ll open a support ticket (and also feel free to do so yourself).