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netlify site name: agitated-engelbart-de543e.netlify.app

my domain’s DNS is hosted externally. I have an apex domain linked to a different netlify site which is working fine. this particular site is linked to a sub domain at quads.talele.co.in

the files are all uploaded. if I visit the netlify link, the site is working. but if I visit my sub domain, the scripts don’t load even though visiting quads.talele.co.in/index.js brings up the file. is there some DNS record i’m missing or something within the js files themselves?

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hi there @talelecoin -

thanks for writing in. However, I am having a little trouble following along. Can you explain what is happening or, in your case, not happening, in a different way? do you have some screenshots for us maybe to explain what exactly isn’t working?


hi there, @perry thanks for replying.

i will attempt to explain the whole situation. I have two netlify sites that are both linked to the same domain. the DNS for this domain is hosted externally. the primary website at www.talele.co.in is working fine but the secondary website at quads.talele.co.in is not working properly.

quads.talele.co.in is a simple website. its a simple generative art script using p5.js. visiting quads.talele.co.in gives the errors

the files have been uploaded properly and can be found if you follow the respective links. site is deploying from a github repo (GitHub - talelecoin/quads). the build is working fine on netlify’s own subdomain

but for some reason won’t work on my domain.

Hey @talelecoin

I’m not seeing the same error as you. Believe I am seeing the correctly rendered page.

i am seeing the same thing as coel.

can i ask where you are trying to view the files from?

please try from an incognito window in a browser without extensions - that can be the culprit, frequently.

@coelmay that’s odd. what browser are you using? i have been using firefox but i tested it on chrome just now and it’s working fine for me as well.

I was using Firefox (private window), but see the same in Chrome and Safari too.

i am using chrome on windows.

I don’t think this is a netlify specific issue, @talelecoin ! which is both good and bad - we can’t really be of too much help but at the same time, it is likely something that once you’ve figured out why, it can resolved without needing to wait around for support staff.

i’ll leave this thread here and visible just in case someone else has ideas!


yes, my bad. I did not test it on other browsers before posting. still haven’t figured out what the issue is on my end. but i shall leave a reply here when i do fix it.

thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: