Linkable log lines now available in Deploy logs

Ever wanted to share a link to a specific line in a deploy log? Now you can!

When you visit a deploy for a Netlify site, you’ll find new line numbers to the left of each line in the deploy log. You can select a line number to highlight the line, or press Shift and select a range of lines.

The resulting URL is shareable, so you can point your teammates directly to a relevant process or error in the log!

To deselect highlighted lines, press Esc.

As @cassidoo says:

Wow, that was so easy, almost as easy as… Lincoln Logs. :eyes:

To learn more about sharing log content, check out the docs.

Since we deploy Netlify on Netlify, I’ve been using this feature daily! It’s especially helpful when I hit a build error that I want to share with a teammate for debugging help.

Let us know when linkable log lines come in handy for you by commenting below!


Very cool. If I ever have a problem with a deploy, this could come in handy.

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Neato! :heart_eyes: Hopefully this will help with folks requesting support for public-repo sites too :grinning: