Issues with redirect

I have some issues with redirects on my URL it used to work just fine but now it always returns the same url. one of the pay pages in the site.

when a user fills out a form → it takes you to a submission confirmation page → and based on that confirmation page Link it should take you to another page but it ends up pulling up the wrong form.

code is good, test is good. the funny part is when you click the back button in the browser or refresh the page it pulls up the correct link.

sitename: sevpay

This is the link users always get when they select a package, complete the form and click the confirmation link “proceed to payment page”

" "

I submitted the form at which sent me to The Proceed to Payment Page URL is which loads (though I suspect is what you want) and when this form is submitted it redirects to

What part of this is wrong?

so I made some changes and renamed the pay.html thinking it was causing it, now it redirects to ’". it shouldn’t be like that.

what I want is NOT

submit the form at sends you to . Then Proceed to Payment Page URL is then .


Unless you are using Netlify Redirects this seems entirely like it is something to do with your app and not Netlify.

hi there, before we dig in, did you see this brand new guide on debugging redirects?

I strongly suggest you give it a thorough read through and see if this fixes your problem:

if not, please post again, and we’ll try and troubleshoot.