Issues with Host DNS records setup and SSL certificate provisioning

Hi, I need help to know if I setup my host correctly in order to support Netlify DNS and to use the Let’s Encrypt certificates feature.
I’m currently on a free plan.
My netlify app is
After following the steps in the docs to setup a custom domain (purchased on under the domain tab i can see that my custom domain and it’s www subdomain are served by Netlify DNS.
I’ve changed the NS records on easyhost to point to the 4 DNS suggested by Netlify, I’ve the A records to point at the Netlify’s IP address suggested in the docs.
Waited a reasonable amount of time (and even flushed some cached values just to be sure), but i keep on receiving a “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.” error under the SSL tab, futhermore if i click on the Verify DNS configuration button, the error changes to
" DNS verification failed, * doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify".
I’m pretty much stuck here and don’t know if I made some error in the DNS configuration or if something else is going while trying to provision a certificate.
I need help figuring this out please.

Hey @alligalli,

I don’t believe you need the A records, when using Netlify DNS. You only need to complete the steps here :slight_smile:!

Then, importantly: It may take up to a day for the changes to propagate to the public internet.

Happy to help further!

So, should the A records not point to the Netlify load balancer IP? Should I leave the host default one?
I’ve already followed those steps, and waited many days, even more than the specified TTL (also flushed the cache using a tool suggested in the docs).
While inspecting the domain with a whois | grep command the server appear to already be “Netlify”.

Correct, no A records are needed. Pointing to the load balancer means that all of your traffic for all visitors will pass through the US, rather than making use of our global CDN.

  • At your domain registrar, simply configure the 4 DNS records
  • At Netlify, Netlify DNS will configure exactly what it needs (we call them ‘NETLIFY’ records)

That aside, hang tight! Give [Support Guide] SSL / TLS Certificate Provisioning a read whilst we wait for things to take shape before requesting a new cert.

Thanks for your help.
I’ve edited the A records back to default as suggested, I’ll let you know in a couple of days how this goes.
Have a nice day!

@alligalli Edited or deleted? Your custom domain current shows no A or NS records at all — not even a SOA. You might want to double check everything while you’re waiting. You should have only the four Netlify NS records entered with your registrar.

Hi gregraven,
the current settings for the domain, A and NS records, are these, is there anything which isn’t setup correctly?

The A records:

The NS records (for

there’s another thing I noticed which seems a little bit strange there is another page in the settings on, also named NS which I cannot change, only add to them, and it’s this:

May this be the problem?

Thanks for your interest on this issue! Any suggestion?

@alligalli Yes, this would be my guess. You somehow need to replace the easyhost DNS system completely with Netlify … those entries should not be active.

I’m assuming that you have the correct names for the Netlify name servers, even though they don’t seem to know anything about your website. You might want to double-check those.

Once you get the name server issue handled, you will want to delete those A records from easyhost, assuming they don’t disappear on their own once you’ve made the change. Netlify will fill in the A records for your apex and www subdomains automatically, and you won’t need an FTP subdomain.

It’s kind of a mess now, but once you get just the Netlify name servers handling your DNS, things should start to get a LOT easier.