Issues deploying Sveltekit Site


I recently deployed my Sveltekit site (which makes requests to an external api) and I’m running into two errors:

  • The site is timing out after a few seconds (~10 seconds)
  • Sometimes, it crashes because Netlify attempts to look for assets I don’t reference in my code and aren’t included in the deploy (e.g. at one point it was looking for a favicon.ico, but I didn’t include one anywhere in my code or reference it anywhere)

How can I solve these?

@oluwatomilola Just confirming, your site is

The site loads fine for me, what do you see when it times out?

If you saw a request for favicon.ico in the network tab of your developer tools that wasn’t Netlify.
It was your browser, which will look for that file by default if no other favicon is specified.
It shouldn’t have been breaking anything.