SvelteKit Netlify Adapter runs, but doesn't display static content

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  • Site Name:
  • SIte Url:
  • The site builds w/o issue on all my environments ( local, remote dev, remove stage, remove previe), and also previews in the browser fine in those areas too. However, when I deploy to Netlify, the site shows none the test text content like all the others.

Anyone know why the site is just a blank white screen?

Example of my sveltekit adapter config:

const config = {
    kit: { 
        adapter: adapter({
            edge: false,
            split: false,
            fallback: '404.html'

I can see this text:

Hello Parent Page!

What do you expect the page to be?

Yes, I was finally able to fix the bug. Thank you.

I am having another issue though…

I’m planning on having multiple site in the same repo. It’s running the Statamic cms ( Static file system ). I have two test sites here in this account {domain}-com-development and {domain}-com-development. In the base directory watcher I have {my-path}. Then added publish I have {my-path}/build.

The issue is, when I update the repo, on the development site, the local is also performing a build, which it shouldn’t. How do I ensure one subdirectory update & build for one site doesn’t trigger the other sites to build on the repo?

Thank you.

Hi @castlebranch :wave:t6: I’m not sure if this answers your question but I found a similar github issue that might help.

If that doesn’t help can you confirm what your asking?