SveltKit app on Netlify breaks after inactivity

I’m facing an issue with my SvelteKit app deployed on Netlify that if I load the app and then leave the page inactive for several minutes, at some point it breaks, if I try to navigate or do stuff it gets stuck, and it seems like is not able to get the components, but at some point it eventually load, but it takes forever (like minutes). The screenshot attached is what I get after trying to navigate to a page by clicking on a button. Any clue?

Hi, @QuickAI. The screenshot does not contain enough information to troubleshoot. We would need a link to the actual site to debug this.

Also, this looks like it might be a client-side javascript issue. If so, our scope of support does not include the code you write. We can troubleshoot Netlify’s services and the code we write. However, we simply to not have enough people to troubleshoot the client-side javascript of the sites deployed here. We don’t write or control that code and, for that reason, we cannot debug it.

That being said, this question is welcome here. Other people here on this support forum might have the resources to debug the javascript. I just wanted to be clear what the limits are for our support team to assist with this.

Now, this also might not even be client-side javascript causing this. However, without a URL to examine, I have no way to determine what the root cause is.

If there are other questions, please share a link to the site and our support team will let you know what we discover.