My svelte-kit app's build is failing with a non-zero exit code: 2

Here is the log:

…and it seems to fail pretty quickly.

But my local build is working fine and if i drag and drop my local build into netlify as a new site then it works just fine as well…it’s just the netlify build process from git that is not working for me…

Please check the log and see if anything pops out to you, but long story short:

…and at the bottom of the log:

thank you for your help! XD

The deploy log is private. However, by looking at the image, it seems as if your deploy is getting ‘Killed’. The text before that says transforming. I’m assuming it might be related to image transformation or something?

Generally speaking, the Killed message might mean that the deploy bot got killed because of amount of RAM available. Maybe it’s using more than allocated resources?

It’s just a guess and the actual error might be something different altogether.

yeah, I am starting to try to add image processing…that’s probably it then…not sure how to get around this issue, however…any suggestions would be welcome…I’m trying to use vite-imagetools in a sveltekit app, which uses vite under the hood…

Hey there, @rchrdnsh :wave:

It looks like this thread has been quiet for the past few days. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, let us know! If not, please share what steps you took to solve it.