Netlify 404's Assets (css js favicon) Sveltekit Tailwindcss Daisyui

Site Name:

i’ve downloaded the build folder and confirmed that the css layout is generated, but trying to send a get request to any subset of the url results in a 404. (i.e GET )

Can someone point me to whether this is an issue in my tailwind css config, my daisyui config, or something else?

Nodes 16.6.0 lts

repo here: GitHub - jlingenfelser/netlify-issue

I can see the Edge Functions are executing and logging this:

You should try reporting this to SvelteKit as they maintain the Netlify adapter. From Netlify’s perspective, we can see that the file exists and the Edge Functions are running. What’s happening inside of the Edge Function, depends on SvelteKit’s code.