Issue with Domain


I purchased a domain under netlify yesterday and this was the view of the page afterwards;

Then yesterday I tried to make some changesto the coding here and there, when I tried to use the same domain name, the response gotten was that it was already used by someone else and this is the current view of the page;

How can I reclaim the domain back?

Please help

The first URL you list,, is a deploy preview. If you’d like that specific version of the site published, you can do so by navigating to the deploy itself and clicking “publish deploy” here - Netlify App.

If you’d like to connect the domain to a different site, you’ll need to first remove it from the site it’s currently connected to.

I want to use the same domain but on the second page and not the first.

Thank you for your guidance, so how do I remove it from site it is currently connected to?

Click on the drop-down options menu next to the domain name and select “Remove domain”:
Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 5.07.32 PM

I have managed to remove the domain name and added it to the other site but it hasn’t changed yet so I do not to start the repository set up from scratch or is it just a matter of updating it like I have done? Status of the site:

Can you clarify what the issue is? What do you mean by “it hasn’t changed yet?”