Can't add domain, complains it's already in use

Hi, we have a client ( whose previous developer had their website hosted with you guys and it is causing a conflict now that we want to also create a website and host it through you using the same domain.

The guys who did the website before are no longer working for the client and we are re-doing the entire website from scratch.

We try to set the domain and it keep saying we can not do that as the domain is already being used by another user in your system.

I have already set the nameserver of the domain to post to you guys:

What do we need to do next so we are able to host this website ourselves?

Hi @nobrainerlabs! Welcome to netlify community.

If you can prove ownership of the domain, we can remove it from its current site so you can use it on yours.

To do this, please create a DNS TXT record for with a value of verifying for netlify community post 14414 . Let us know when that is done!

ok done.

but i’m curious what more proof you need when i have pointed the domain’s entire nameserver over to you?

Hey there,

We’ve removed the name from the site it was associated with. Can you give it a try now? :+1:

Hello @Pie

Thank you but I’m sorry to let you know that it looks like the owner apparently now wants the site back to what it was before.

Could you please revert the delete?
I’d be really appreciated if you can.


Hey there,

We’ll need the team name/URL which you would like to associate with the domain :+1:

Problem solved.
You can close this ticket, thanks.