Issue rendering netlify site, locked out

I already sent a support message about thsi but posting in here as well in case I get a faster response as this is an emergency issue.

Whenever I log in, the netlify site crashes. It goes between the URLs Netlify App
Netlify App
before crashing and giving me the message "A fatal rendering error has occurred
While your data is safe, the following JavaScript error caused the Netlify UI to crash:

Minified React error #185; visit Minified React error #185 – React for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings."

Please help, this is prevent me from accessing any of my sites and affecting my ability to post updates for my clients. I’ve already tested on different browsers and devices and it seems to be an issue with my Netlify account itself causing some kind of rendering issue on the website.

Hi, @seeweed12345. I believe the issue is resolved now and it was a bug here at Netlify. Thank you for reporting it as this helped us to get it resolved more quickly.