Problems deploying a website

Hi, I am trying to deploy a website but when I click on the Deploy manually or import an existing project (with GitHub), I get this message.

A fatal rendering error has occured

While your data is safe, the following JavaScript error caused the Netlify UI to crash:

** **Loading chunk 6127 failed. (error:** **

Someone help me on how to go about this please

hi @nixx

Welcome to our forums! Do you mind sharing a bit more detail on this, please?

Can you please show a few screenshots or maybe a recording of this happening so we can check exactly where this is occurring?


This is the result after waiting for almost 1 minute 30 seconds

when I’m lucky to get to the drop pages, this is what I get

Hi, @nixx. That looks like a network error. Would you be willing to make a HAR recording of this happening? If so, we can confirm if this is something at Netlify or if the issue is network related.

Enable your location and cookies. That’s how I sorted the issue. I had it 2 minutes ago; now I don’t.

Hi @purple thanks so much for sharing your solution with us!