Deployment issues since 11.15.2023

Site name:

On 11.15.23 I was able to upload my site as normal until about 2:15pm (1415). Then I started receiving the below error message. It was within a matter of minutes since the previous deploy. Nothing had been changed on my computer or in my files when the error message began to appear. I repeatedly canceled the deploys, and tried again, only to continue receiving the error message. I even deleted the entire site to upload a completely new one, and I continue to get the below message.

Here is the error message I continue to receive:

“We’re having some trouble connecting you to Netlify.
This error may be caused by an ad blocker or browser extension. You can try disabling blocking on this page or running in incognito”

As stated before, I had already cancelled, and re-deployed. I also double checked that ad blockers were off for the site and went into incognito. The same error message still came up throughout the entire process.

I gave it a day, thinking maybe the site itself was temporarily down. But when The message still persisted the next day, I tried deploying from another computer that also had no ad blockers on it. Still got the error message.

I contacted support through email, and was directed to post my question here.

I hope this is enough information to get an answer quickly.

Hi there,

We strongly suggest you do not upload via drag and drop, per this article:

Please try using the CLI or git-backed builds on our system for best results.

was finally able to get my files uploaded using the repository on GitHub. Now there is a 404 error code

Hi, @janesimagery. Change the publish directory from blank to 2024typographicswebsite here:

After making that change, please trigger a new deploy here:

You can do so using this button:


If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

After taking your recommended steps, the site fails to deploy now. Here is the area that it seems to be failing

No build steps found, continuing to publishing

Failing build: Failed to build site

Failed during stage “building site”: Deploy directory “2024typographicswebsite” does not exist

You need to set a build command: Build & deploy | Site configuration | typographics-2024 | Netlify that you need to build your website into something that Netlify can deploy.