Issue creating subdomain


I have the apex configured through Netlify. I previously managed to create a subdomain to target a site.

I’m now trying to do the same thing with the subdomain. I went to the site domain settings and added as a new domain (I thought this was the correct way to do it). But I had a message about checking my DNS configuration.

Going to the DNS panel I can see that I have a NETLIFY entry for that goes to (and I cannot remove this entry). What surprises me is that the previously created subdomain does also have a NETLIFY entry but this one goes to

I’m confused as the proper way to add a subdomain, as I managed to do it right the first time, but am having trouble the second time.

Care to shed some light on the issue?

Thanks a lot

You did exactly the right thing. Somehow there was a hiccup somewhere in our backend actually creating the DNS record, so I re-saved it and this time it works.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks a lot for the fix, everything seems to be working correctly now!

I can see in my DNS panel that I still have one subdomain pointing to and the other to Out of curiosity, could you explain why this is so?

If you initially configure your domain or subdomain to a netlify site and then later on change the site it is configured on, that doesn’t reflect the change. They continue to work regardless of what is shown there, though.

Hope that helps.

Hey fool, I wonder if you would be kind enough to look at the issue on my site?

I’ve opened a topic and spoken with a couple of people, the issue has been on going since December and I’m pulling my hair out!

I’ve also explained the issue to your colleagues via email, I’ve not heard back yet.

Hi James, see our response on your other thread :slight_smile: