SSL via Let's Encrypt stopped working 31st Dec 2019

In December SSL suddenly stopped working on this site, I’ve made no changes for months:

The issue lead to a number of other issues, including deployments failing and data not loading on the website. I feel if we fix the SSL issue, we’ll be in a better position to tackle the others.

I have renewed the certificate.

This is a re-post of my unresolved issue, which was unlisted: UPDATED - "SSL certificate expired" - which makes deployments fail

I’ve been speaking with Netlify people on email but I’ve not heard back.

Hi James,

Sorry we’ve been slow to respond in the helpdesk - the intention was to talk here and not there and your case in the helpdesk wasn’t getting the right attention there. We’ll do better here :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, SSL is proper and complete for and .

Can you say more details about what you’re seeing that is wrong with it?

Someone else hosts which you’ll have to resolve with that hosting provider.