SSL says it's expired on Netlify, domain from Namecheap

When I visit my site it says my SSL is out of date. Where I bought my domain name (namecheap), it also says it’s expired. But on Netlify, it says it’s good until February. I’ve refreshed on both but they say the same thing. I’m not sure what to try or if I can sync up between Netlify and Namecheap?
It’s only happening here: , but on my netlify instance ( it says it’s secure.

@kaleigh I’m having the same issue here. Seems that your is working fine now. I’ve refreshed the certificate and I will wait a little to see if comes back.

Hi @kaleigh! Welcome to netlify community.

I’ve tested your site in several browsers and I am seeing the certificate each time. I’ve looked at your DNS and it is set up perfectly. Are you still experiencing the issue?

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Hi @laura, it’s working for me now! When I checked it yesterday it still wasn’t coming across as secure, but it is now!
Thank you!!

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@jschneiders, did your SSL issue get resolved as well? If not, would you please let us know which site or domain name is affected?

@luke Yes, it’s working fine now. It took a while but the refresh seems to solve it. Thanks!

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