Is netlify compatible with a flat cms?

I set up my site with a flat cms called Kirby. Is that compatible with Netlify?
Thanks for any reply.

Not without some workaround and potential disabling of other functions, such as the panel:

No. My real site, which I’m now relaunching, is on a hosted server.
The new site is static, has around 35 pages x 3 languages. I used the flat due to conveniency, language redirection etc.
It has way too many images and the pages load slow, although all images have been tweaked and minified.
Was looking for a CDN service and bumped in to Netlify.

FYI, I changed my initial response after coming across another thread.

I am unfamiliar with Kirby, so it’s difficult to advise you. But it appears Kirby has a PHP-powered backend and panel for content changes. And then I assume it generates static files upon changes made?

Thanks for the information.

It is similar to Statamic CMS. As I said, I put this CMS in between for conveniency. 35 pages! x 3 languages! Try changing an entry in the menu :slightly_smiling_face:
Otherwise I don’t need dynamic pages. It’s a portfolio.

I ask because if you use the Kirby panel for editing, your pages aren’t dynamic but your editing experience is. Therefore, while you could deploy the static pages/assets to Netlify, you wouldn’t be able to use Kirby panel from the Netlify app.

If you do your editing locally and that is all that matters to you, then there’s a good chance you can get Netlify to serve your static site. Netlify will need to deploy the files from somewhere, though. So a Git repository containing a Netlify build configuration would be ideal. You can also drag-and-drop files to a Netlify app, but ongoing changes may not be possible, at least without manual updates every time you make a change.

Thanks for the information once again. I suppose I must reconsider my work-flow.
I just tried out another site of mine with the drag and drop function of netlify. The site is completely static, html, css, js and images.
But it seems to be stuck. The folder which I dragged and dropped 50 minutes ago is 76 MB. Netlify stills says it is uploading.

hey there! glad you both are trying to figure out how best to use Netlify for your purposes :+1:

question about drag-n-drop: how big is the biggest file in that 76 mb?

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Thanks Perry,

I managed to upload the site via Github and it is working.
Netlify is really fast. I’m amazed.
I will put out static files when the site is ready and point the domain to netlify.
That’ll take another week or so.




awesome! come back any time if you have more questions!