Is a static website on Netifly automatically https-enabled?

I need to publish a one-page static website, built with basic html/css, then assign one of my pre-registered domain names to it (eg.

If I use a free Netifly account to do this, will the site be reachable as and pass the Chrome https test?

(Obviously assuming my html is https appropriate).

With thanks in advance for answers, and apologies in advance if the answer already exists and I failed to find it.


Yes it will, if you request your SSL certificate.

Thanks! Very helpful.

And I just found this: “Netlify offers free HTTPS on all sites, including automatic certificate creation and renewal.”

So, it’s on to the next stage.


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Hi, @scobb, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slight_smile:

I agree with @andylemaire (and your second post) that this will work. If you run into any issues please let us know.

Note, there are two ways to point a custom domain to a Netlify site:

I strongly recommend starting with “external DNS” as it tends to be less complex to get working. (It is just the adding of one or more new DNS records with your current DNS service - which is normally the domain registrar itself.)

Thanks Luke - it is working so far - very small test site - and I’m quite impressed.