Iphone won't connect to my site

Hey everyone ! Newbie to netlify here !
So I deployed a site using Nuxt js ( 2.15.8 ) → vue : 2.6.14 and I 'm also using a domain name I purchased. Here’s the site:


what happens is that when I try to connect from some i-phone mobile phones I won’t connect complaining about the ssl cerificate. I use the one provided in netlify (let’s encrypt)
The weird part comes that I will connect from some phones but from other it won’t

and the weirdest thing is that it’s not the first time this happens … it was exactly the same thing with a static site in which I only used vanilla js and pure html

does anyone have any ideas, suggestions?

I read somewhere that this issue happened to people based in Philippines but I live in France and have friends whom I asked to test the site for me abroad and the same ting happened to them, so I am discarding the ISP (Internet service provider) issue

thanks in advance for any insight on this issue !


Hi @code_me

There is an issue with the DNS configuration for islnetwork.org

Neltify nameserver as visible alongside registrar nameservers.

% dig islnetwork.org NS
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	ns57.domaincontrol.com.
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	ns58.domaincontrol.com.
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	dns1.p04.nsone.net.
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	dns2.p04.nsone.net.
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	dns3.p04.nsone.net.
islnetwork.org.		3600	IN	NS	dns4.p04.nsone.net.

If you wish to use Netlify DNS you will need to remove the two domaincontrol.com nameservers. If you wish to remain using external DNS you need to remove the nsone.net nameservers.

Adittionally, there are no A, AAAA records for islnetwork.org however there is a CNAME record for www.islnetwork.org

% dig www.islnetwork.org A
www.islnetwork.org.	3600	IN	CNAME	apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com.
apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com. 300 IN	A
apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com. 300 IN	A

However this record is incorrect as the apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com is designed for the apex domain, not the www subdomain.

Check out this support guide along with the above linked documentation which will guide you in correctly configuring DNS.

You can also find related support guides in

@coelmay right on !!!
thanks so much !
my dns records weren’t set right

much appreciate it !

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