Invalid authorization code on Netlify

HI there,
I’m using netlify for over a year but now I’m facing auth error. try to resolve from several blogs, issues but can’t solve. so i need to fix it… please follow my infos & error message

  • One of my project :

  • Error pic below

  • At first i’m using github for login. after that auth error i’m using email/pass signup then i’m access into account but can’t see projects, projects info without user settings(application are loading in user settings). if i change to github login, everytime it redirects to an invalid authorization code(see pic). so can’t login my account and can’t work with my projects.

  • How can i solve it plz give your suggestion.

  • Account pic


We’ve received a complaint against your site and thus your account has been disabled:

Hello ,

Your Case #41753781 for Google Cloud Platform has been updated.

Case Subject: Suspicious Activity Observed on Google Cloud Project Netlify CDN (id: netlify-cdn)

Case Comment :
We have recently detected your Google Cloud Project Netlify CDN (id: netlify-cdn) hosting content that appears to be malware. Based on our investigation the malware content is located at the following location(s). PLEASE EXERCISE ADEQUATE CAUTION AND DO NOT VISIT THESE SITES DIRECTLY:


You can resolve this issue removing all misleading or malware content immediately. If you do believe that your Google Cloud Project may have been compromised by a third party, we recommend adopting additional security measures and then completely re-installing your project. You can find more tips on securing your instance here (Cloud Security FAQ - Google Cloud Platform Console Help).

To better protect your organization from misconfiguration and access the best of Google’s threat detection, you may consider enabling Security Command Center (SCC) for your organization. To learn more about SCC visit

Once you have fixed the issue, please respond to this message. If the behavior is intentional, please explain so that so that we do not ping you again for this activity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.

Please review your case and take any actions as requested. If you have any questions or require immediate assistance, please reply to this email to contact Google Cloud Support.
You can also view and comment on your case by logging into our support portal

Thanks for choosing Google Cloud Platform.
—The Google Team