Introducing beta access with Netlify Labs!

Hi everyone!

Today we’re happy to announce Netlify Labs, which will allow you to try out new beta features. You’ll be able to turn beta features on and off, giving you control over your account while also letting you try out something new. Netlify Labs will help us learn what features are working well or not working well so we can iterate and improve on your experience more quickly.

To see Netlify Labs and turn beta features on or off, go to your User Settings and select Netlify Labs to check it out.

You can also read more about Netlify Labs here.

We’re excited to hear what you think!


The dark mode is SO GOOD :heart_eyes: this is awesome! Thanks @marisa!!!


kudos also goes to @kristy and @nasivuela for working on this :smiley:

Original Post about dark mode not automatically turning on.

I’m not sure the Dark mode is working? I’ve turned it on (Also tried off and on again), reloaded the page, and the browser but don’t see a dark mode.

Is there something I am missing? :slight_smile:

Oopsies! For anyone else, this doesn’t enable darkmode it adds the option to turn it on! (If only I read the description!) Its amazing!!


Hi there! Great work, I’m really happy to see dark mode as an option. My one request – as a Mac user with auto light/dark mode, I would really appreciate if Netlify’s dark mode could follow the system theme so I don’t have to toggle this manually. Other sites like GitHub and StackOverflow offer this functionality, and it only requires a simple CSS media query for prefers-color-scheme. Thank you for considering this!

Thanks for the feeback @njhaveri! The whole purpose of putting unfinished features into Netlify Labs is to get feedback from users like you.


One little tiny dark mode bug:

  • When clicking the notifications icon in the site’s header, after a notification transitioned from unread > read, it had a white background. Dismissing and reopening notifications then showed it with the correct dark background color.

(Running current Safari 14.0.3 on current Big Sur 11.2.3)

(Is there another preferred way to report bugs or provide other feedback than here in the forums?)

Thanks so much for letting us know! For right now this is a great way to let us know if there are bugs.

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Excited about Netlify Labs.

Dark mode is perfect for me as that is default on my systems.

Hopefully this feature gets rolled out to other parts of Netlify (thinking docs) as switching from light to dark (especially at night) isn’t great for my poor old eyes :frowning:

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Hey there, @coelmay :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here, we appreciate it! One of our Product Managers has filed a Github issue for Docs dark mode :slight_smile:

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Great news @hillary :smiley:
I look forward to it

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