Try Netlify’s new layout available in Labs!

We’ve redesigned the layout and navigation to make your experience better and to set the stage for more upcoming updates on

The update also includes a completely overhauled mobile navigation to streamline your workflows on-the-go.

To access the new version of our redesigned layout and navigation, go to Netlify Labs and enable “New Layout”.

Let us know what you think!


Amazing! The new layout is awesome. The left pane menu is helpful on desktop as the links to other parts of the dashboard is easily accessible.
@kristy thanks for the updates.


Hey folks!

I’m excited to announce that the new navigation has graduated from Labs and is now available by default to all Netlify users!

Thank you to everyone who opted-in to our nav experience beta in Labs and for all your feedback shared in our survey.

We’ve included a :netlisparkles: bonus :netlisparkles: update in this release! Our breadcrumb nav now includes a new dropdown to quickly switch between your sites.

A “before” and “after” look at our navigation, showcasing the changes on desktop and mobile